Simplifies compliance testing with customers’ RSLs a tool for the fashion supply chain

  • - Checking your compliance with customers' RSLs before signing a contract
  • - Selecting for a customer only products compliant with the RSL
  • - Discovering which brands' RSLs your products are compliant with





pic quickly and easily compares lab tests results on products, chemical formulations, water, and sewage sludge with fashion brands' RSLs and with chemical and environmental safety protocols, to evaluate and check compliance

Web app

No software to install,
secure access, automatic backup, redundant server, GDPR compliant

Easy to use and intuitive

Just a few steps
to run a fast compliance check
and get the results

Brands RSLs Database

Regularly updated with the
latest releases of
fashion brands’ RSLs

How it works:


Select the report template

Pick a Lab report template
from the database


Enter the testing data

Copy the data from the Lab report
into the form


Select the Brands RSLs

Pick the Brands RSLs
from the database for compliance checking


Run the Compliance check

Read the results of the Lab report vs Brands RSLs compliance test keeps a backup of all testing reports uploaded and compliance tests run, the compliance check of a saved Lab report is even faster: select the report and the RSLs to compare and immediately get the compliance test

All data on are confidential and visible only to the user who uploaded them

About us is an outcome of the F-Susy project carried out with the support of the Regione Lombardia and the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), within the Regione Lombardia "Smart Fashion and Design" policy framework. F-Susy's partners: the Chemistry, Materials and Chemical Engineering Department of the Milan Polytechnic, Blumine, Nekte, and three textile companies: Besani weaving, Maglificio Ripa and Tessitura Attilio Imperiali. The Centro ModaCult of the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore di Milano has collaborated on the project. has been designed and developed by:


Since 2010 Blumine provide services to companies in the fashion system for the development and management of environmental and social sustainability projects. Blumine collaborates with industry associations, technology centers, and universities in the research and development of solutions to reduce the negative impacts on the environment and society. The company has publised books, studies, and researches to disseminate information and the culture of sustainability in the fashion industry.

In 2010 Blumine created, the first online platform in Italy on sustainability in fashion and in 2015 the website, a repository of success stories of leading companies in sustainable innovation, data and interviews to sustainability leaders.


For over thirty years Nekte is active in the Information Technology business, with passion and the skill to meet the needs of SMEs and professional practice firms. It is a team of qualified professionals with a long experience to create implement and customize software solutions for the SMEs and production processes management.

Nekte is an italian Microsoft Silver Partner for delivering Dynamics ERP and CRM management software solutions. It is a founding members of NAV-lab, a network of IT companies that share experiences, resources, and R&D to provide innovative solutions with a long-term guaranteed growth plan, respecting time and cost needs of SMEs.

Choose the best plan for your business

Custom plans with additional services packages are available upon request. can also be purchased through collective formulas and agreements with business associations and consortia. Fore more info email to


one user

  • Unlimited access to the RSLs database
  • Unlimited Lab reports upload by the user
  • Use of standard Lab report templates available in database
    + 5 custom templates
  • Standard email support


five users

  • Unlimited access to the RSLs database
  • Unlimited Lab reports upload by the user
    + 20 Lab reports uploaded by the staff
  • Use of standard Lab report templates available in database
    + 10 custom templates
  • Priority support via email